Monday, August 31, 2009

But Love Is…

By Amos Bwire

Is a verb
Is how you see
Is how you feel

Is how you act
Is what you do

Is feeling adoring, adored
Is feeling exciting, excited
Is so much more than merely four letter word

Is leaving the door open knowing he will come back to you
Is gonna bring his heart back to ‘home sweet home’
Is saying sorry just because…‘Baby I hurt you’
Is tease them well before you please them
Is throwing away unreal replacing it with the real
Is knowing his flaws and loving him that much more
Is when you’re out make them want you to go back in
Is being not afraid to eat what feels right for your thirsty soul

Has a mistress named Lust
Is anticipated, unadulterated, uncontrolled

Is uninhibited, unrestricted, sometimes un-reciprocated
Knows forgiveness, yet love requires your doubtless trust
Is not a clash of two lives but homogenizing into one heart
Fills up every part, jumpstarts passion to adoration to bliss
Is no sugar coating, but challenging, tiring, in need of nourishment
Is about falling in love and falling out of love and falling in love again
Makes it all go round and turns that meaningless life around and all that worthwhile
Holds no promises but ‘tis so lovely a thing when we let go and let it show us the way

Loving me at my best and my worst

Loving myself knowing that I’m worthy
Doing nothing yet feel like you have everything
Never wanting to see her hurt, is wishing everyone I know meets her
Feeling her soft fingers on my face, passing not that unbelievable gaze
Wondering in awe of what amazing treasure that God has given mini me
Never wanting to say goodbye but wanting to cry just because you feel so high
Being open to be broken ‘cause one has to be loved first to get that way anyway
So blessed, asking the man above ‘Lord, is this just a test, really not just a fly?’
Can’t really pinpoint what this mystery is but feels so good you want to linger on
Is not wanting to get hurt, giving up your heart, letting your guard down aka being happy

Through all the pain there is love
Through all the trouble there is love
Through all the temptation there is love
Through all the misfortune there is love
Could be the simple love of a child
Could be the simple love of a sister
Could be the simple love of a mother
Could be the simple love of a lover
There is no recipe or equation
There is no scientific evaluation
There is no medical explanation
But it actually does exist

But it just is
But Love is.


  1. Hallo dear.
    Op all is well with you.

    Thanx for the good work.kindly up date your blog.waiting for more stories from you.finish manundu story pliz.

  2. Will do so, naj. Actually I'm compilling it in a 10-chapters book. It's tough, pray for me. meanwhile, you may visit to read more of my works. Thanks for the support.